An integrated technology secures data from unauthorized access.
losses before they happen
Stop data security threats before they start and
Complete Environment Security
Information Security Services
Security Strategy Simplified
A protection technology for photography data of Edius* as never before.
Icrypt Systems X-Encryptor for Edius
Data Security


Advanced Security System for digital data world

Right to protect data

It is a very much serious concern of the data protection, which is created after lot of efforts and times. Icryptsys innovated an safe environment, where your data is fasten securely and you can feel cozy without insecurity about your data.

Security control system

The system provides features to define security rules and rights for specific purpose. i.e. security rules / authentication code for application and / or data wise. After applying the rules, the secured application, data, files and folders, USB drives, registry keys, external devices, and network resources can be accessed by the authorized users only.

Feature accessibility control

Security level of an application can be customized according to user requirement.  User will be able to use only those specific features of an application, for which they are authorized in purchased licence.